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Reverse Cycle Airconditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioners, or heat pumps as they’re also called, work by removing heat from inside on the cooling cycle, or on heating (reverse cycle) bring warm in from outside.

As the system works on heat transfer, and not manufacture of heat, it becomes an extremely cost efficient way of warming an area.

The system uses a refrigerant gas to transfer the warm air inside (heating) or outside (cooling). The cooling cycle can be easily demonstrated by the domestic refrigerator. Warmth in the food is extracted by the refrigerant gas, therefore inside the fridge is kept cold, with the warmth transferred outside the refrigerator, thus the space at the back of the fridge is always warm. Air conditioning systems also filter and dehumidify the air.

Examples of Air Conditioning systems.

Split Systems

Split systems are permanently-mounted systems with the compressor unit located externally and a separate Indoor fan coil section inside. These two units are joined together by piping, which carries the refrigerant. The remote location of the compressor makes these units significantly quieter than the older type window/wall models.

The internal unit of a split system can be high wall, mounted up high on a wall, floor mount located at floor level, on the ceiling surface (under ceiling) or in the ceiling as a cassette are also available.

Multi-split Systems

Multi-split systems are split systems with more than one internal unit connected to an external compressor, and are able to cool or heat multiple rooms independently. As in standard split systems, internal units can be mounted on the wall, at floor level, on the ceiling or as a cassette.

Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are designed to centrally cool and heat a large number of rooms or offices, or an entire home. They can be designed to air condition an entire area, or zoned which allows certain areas to be air conditioned whilst another area is not, e.g, in a home, the Living area is zoned, and the Bedroom area is zoned, thus allowing Living area to be conditioned during day, flip a switch at night and only the Bedrooms are conditioned.

A network of ductwork and fittings deliver conditioned air to each space. The ductwork can be installed into the ceiling space with grilles mounted in the ceiling, or below the floor in the subfloor space, with floor mounted vents.

In more recent years the new technology for air conditioning is the Inverter technology.

Conventional Air Conditioners (or Non-Inverters) operate at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating. An inverter has advanced technology that operates more intelligently. The principle is simple: inverters adjust the power to suit your actual requirements – no more, no less. The inverter continuously adjusts its cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature in the room. When the desired temperature is reached, inverter technology ensures it is constantly maintained – keeping you comfortable at the same time as running more efficiently.

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